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About the bank United Bank’s Hibir Diaspora

The app is designed to meet the banking needs of the Diaspora community. It allows users to access services which include financial deposit and loan services for Ethiopian Nationals or Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian Origin living and work abroad. With this service, the users can easily and quickly open deposit accounts and use these accounts to access various financial services. The UB app allows various account types to be opened which includes savings account, current account and diaspora loan accounts. The account opener can just present crucial documents such as Resident ID, Yellow Card, Ethiopian Origin ID and Passport. Deposits can be made in US Dollar (USD).


The UB App allows users to open a bank account with the shortest possible time.
  1. A user after downloading and opening this app can open a bank account easily and conveniently within the shortest possible time of up to 15 minutes.
  2. The process of opening an account is simple and straightforward.
  3. The user can: Type in his/her information,Validate who they are,Upload documents
  4. Make first initial deposits of $250
  5. Submit them

FEATURES United Bank App Features

  1. 1
    Easy to use
    User experience and UI
  2. 2
    ID validation
    technology machine learning
  3. 3
    Capturing intent
    and willingness of the applicant easily
  4. 4
    Fast, secure App
    transparent process.

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